Torremolinos City Council holds a plenary session on the possible uses of the Plaza Picasso building



The situation of the courts of Torremolinos (Malaga) and the possible uses of the municipal building located in the Picasso square have focused on Thursday the debate of the extraordinary plenary session held at the City Council.

In the session, the government team reported that it is working hard to “solve the problem of the so-called museum that the PP has left us and that is costing us 513,000 euros a year just in loans”, said his spokesman, Maribel Stump.

He pointed out that “the government team is studying various ways to rent it, so we are in contact with numerous administrations”, lamenting that in recent weeks “we have seen how the PP is trying to make public believe that we give away the building to the Board, when what we are really trying to do is to solve the problem they have left us and to be able to pay for the enormous expense involved. “

He referred to the former mayor of the PP, Pedro Fernandez Montes, which he said “has led to bankruptcy, and once again acted at will, and to do his great work, signed private contracts paid with money public, as it happened with the hiring of the alleged museum project, amounting to 35,000 euros and that according to the document that appeared in the municipal offices, it is a private contract between Fernández Montes and an archaeologist “.

Thus, he indicated “have been conversations with different public administrations, including the University of Malaga, the Tax Agency, the Ministry of Justice and private universities, to try that any of them could put in value the municipal building”, Tocón has indicated.

But, it has affected, “always with the corresponding economic compensation in the form of rent or canon, so that in addition it helps us to pay that mortgage of half a million euros a year that we are paying for the work and that we have until 2024”.

Of all these administrations, the reality is that to date, “only the administration of Justice has been interested in studying the feasibility and the cost of what they would have to pay the City Council to rent that space”. But today, “there is no proposal and therefore has not been able to make an economic assessment of the fee they would have to pay,” he said.

“We are still looking for an exit to the building, if tomorrow the Minister of Tourism comes and plans to rent the building to house the National Museum of Contemporary Tourism, it will be given the same attention,” Tocón insisted. From the government team has moved to the plenary that “there is no formal proposal for any administration, not even the Justice for the building and in no case is going to give a single square meter of Torremolinos to any administration.”

As reported by the City Council in a statement, the plenary has been approved unanimously, with the absence of the PP – which had requested the extraordinary plenary -, “urge the Junta de Andalucía to present the project of the Courts of Torremolinos , as well as the improvement and refurbishment of the different judicial offices and the Civil Registry that present serious problems “.

From the PP have indicated in a statement that they would not attend the plenary “until its content is adjusted to the real exercise of political transparency that we claim.”

They explained that formally requested the holding of an extraordinary plenary to discuss and vote “on the option put forward by the government team to deliver to the Junta de Andalucía the Museum building to be allocated to the seat of the courts, an approach that has found a strong rejection among the residents of Torremolinos “; but, above all, “to debate and vote on the future development of the museum project”.

“Like a majority of the people, the councilors of this group consider that this assignment only seeks to disguise the flagrant breach of the Junta with Torremolinos and its judicial headquarters”, seeking that “each group be positioned,” they said, pointing out that with this exercise “without a doubt, the delivery and servitude of the socialist ediles to the Government of its same formation in the Junta would be clear, without contemplating in the least the interests of Torremolinos”.

They have considered that “it is clear that our people do not have to renounce any of the two projects and must have both”, pointing out that “for the Museum we already have the ideal building, while for the courts we must demand the construction of an appropriate venue and modern to whom by law he has to pay them for being his competence, which is the Junta de Andalucía “.

But, they have criticized “the decision of the mayor to change the agenda to avoid the debate about the future of the museum, excluding his discussion of the plenary session and thus perverting the reason for the convocation of this extraordinary session”.

“The councilors of the PP municipal group showed our deepest rejection of this situation and, far from simply conforming, we will go to court immediately to safeguard the guarantees of democratic functioning of the institutions, in this case the City Council of Torremolinos” , have stated.


In the plenary session, the councilor of CSSP Josefina Serdio recalled that his municipal group “has denounced the irregularities in the construction of the building before the Prosecutor’s Office and has said that the PP has encouraged a false debate.” “Both the courts and cultural policy are necessary, Torremolinos not only needs a museum, it needs a well-thought-out cultural project that is effective, enduring,

transformer, that starts from what we have and generates conditions for local creation, “he said.

transformer, that starts from what we have and generates conditions for local creation, "he said.

The mayor of Citizens Antonio Linde has defended the “singularity of the contemporary history of Torremolinos and has encouraged the government team that if finally rented to another institution to solve the situation, that when possible its museum use is returned”.

The spokesman of IU, David Tejero, has ensured that the history of this building is the “story of the grotesque, and has endeavored to create a dilemma, the museum-court, which does not exist, because to begin with it has never been a museum since the funds did not exist “.

Finally, the mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, wanted to close assuring that his government team “will always defend the great heritage that the municipality has, which will soon be seen with the recovery of the surroundings of the Torre Pimentel or Torre de los Molinos, the María Barrabino house or the Cuesta del Bajondillo “.

From the City have indicated that during the debate has reported that currently the Consistory is returning the loan granted by the Ministry of Tourism for its construction and in total amounts to five million euros, with a fee of 513,000 euros per year until 2024 ; besides that it would take another two million to finish the building.

Tocon has indicated that “Torremolinos deserves a museum and will certainly have it, and the PSOE will be the first to promote this cultural initiative, but yes, provided it is a museum project in accordance with the identity of our municipality.”