Puig calls for Monday the follow-up commission on financing to analyze the current situation



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Puig has expressed himself in these terms in Castellón after receiving in audience Castellón Sports Club and being asked for his assessment regarding the letter sent by the Ministry of Finance to the autonomous communities on the funding that will be available next year.

The head of the Consell stressed that the situation of underfunding of the Valencian Community is a fact “recognized and well known by the Ministry of Finance”, therefore believes that “it does not make any sense this game that come between hands, which finally the only thing that creates is disaffection and sterile confrontation within the institutions “.

Puig recalled that it will soon be a year since the Conference of Presidents met that, at the proposal of the Valencian Community, decided that during 2017 the regional financing model would be renewed. “It was a commitment by the Prime Minister that has not been met,” he added.

Thus, stressed that at this time there is a situation in which “obviously we have to make some decision” and, in this regard, announced that it will convene next Monday the monitoring committee in favor of fair financing of the Valencian Community – formed by the parliamentary groups, the Valencian Business Confederation, trade unions, universities and the Federation of Municipalities – “and, with the advice of the committee of experts, we will analyze the situation of this moment”, he clarified.

For Puig, throughout this year there have been advances “because the commission of experts was created, it was fulfilled with the objective that before August there was a report of this commission and, from there, a space of confidence was generated that It made it possible to open a political-technical commission that had to take that report to the Fiscal Policy Committee. “

Therefore, he has assured that he does not understand why “Catalonia is now being introduced as a paralyzing subject of what had been done during this year”. As he has argued, at the Conference of Presidents Catalonia was no longer present and “we were left to renew the financing model”. In this regard, he asked himself “why Catalonia is now excused from not fulfilling the Valencians and the rest of the Spaniards”.

“The only thing we want is that there is a fair financing system, that there is diversity and uniqueness between the territories, but equality between citizens, and for that, political will alone is needed,” the ‘president’ said.

Likewise, Puig considers that the General State Budgets have a dynamic and the scope of financing “is another space for discussion, which must then be transferred to budgets, but this will be a second issue”. In any case, he believes that linking the approval of the budgets and the position of the parliamentary groups to the legitimacy of origin of the autonomous communities is “a real nonsense”.

“It is clear that the Ministry of Finance and the Government should know that they are playing with fire and that it is not good for coexistence to maintain that situation in which you can not trust the interlocutor,” he added.


Puig has insisted that all this is “more than a blackmail, it is a huge nonsense”, because what is being raised is “an absolute lack of confidence in the heart of the institutions, and that, in this political moment with the crisis territorially, it is absolutely dangerous “. Therefore, he believes that “they have to reflect and I am sure that the President of the Government is aware of this situation”.