Obama changes from cabinet chief to eleven months of the presidential elections


The president of the United States, Barack Obama , has elected as the new chief of staff the current director of the White House Budget , Jacob J. Lew, after confirming the resignation of Bill Daley, who has highlighted his worth in the work done during the last 12 months. “Without any doubt I’m going to miss you so much in my presence in the White House,” the president said.

Jacob J. Lew also has experience in the Department of State, on Wall Street and in Congress. “Jack has had one of the most difficult jobs in Washington,” stressed Obama, who has applauded the “invaluable” economic advice of a person he considers “complete confidence.”

Bill told me he wanted to spend more time with his family Daley resigned last week, according to a government source consulted by The New York Times , after having consulted his decision with his wife during the Christmas holidays and having arrived at the conclusion that his stage in the Administration had ended.

“It’s been a pretty frantic year,” said the source, who has stressed that Daley, who was the second chief of Obama’s cabinet after Rahm Emanuel, felt that it was the “propitious” moment to leave office.

Obama has admitted that it is not “easy to hear news” and that he asked Daley to reconsider his decision , which is to return to his hometown, Chicago, for which the president was indeed a senator. “Bill told me he wanted to spend more time with his family, especially with his grandchildren, and that he felt it was the right decision,” Obama explained in a media appearance without questions.

The president has not clarified when the departure of Daley will be effective, although two sources of the Administration consulted by CNN suggest that he will remain in office during the month of January, which includes among other events the speech on the State of the Union .

The head of the Cabinet has been “intimately involved” in each of the major decisions that have been adopted in the last year in the White House, since the end of the war in Iraq and support for the Libyan people until the presentation of the plan of Obama’s job, going through the approval of free trade agreements with South Korea, Panama and Colombia, said the president. Despite this, he expressed his “absolute confidence” in the new chief of staff, Jack Lew , who in his current position has helped to “straighten the economy.”

As he recalled, the director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was commissioned in the first years of his Administration to manage the funds of the State Department as ‘number two’ of Secretary Hillary Clinton. During the Clinton administration he was also the director of the OMB, at the head of which he presented three budget years in a row.

One year in office

One year in office

The news of the departure of Daley, 63 years old and entrepreneur by profession, has fallen like a bomb in the political circles of Washington, at the beginning of an election year. The head of the Cabinet – the position most similar to that of prime minister in the US administration – has only spent a year in this position, after Obama announced his appointment on January 6 last year to replace Rahm Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago He was then appointed to restore good relations between the White House and the business community after a series of frictions in the first two years of the Administration, but those relations continued in a state of coldness.

After the first months, the first criticisms of his administration began to emerge in a year of intense confrontations with Congress over issues such as the increase in the debt ceiling that led the presidential popularity indexes to the lowest moments of his term.

Daley had hinted last October in an interview without the White House plan that his departure was planned , although he made it clear that he planned to stay until after the presidential elections in November.

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